Privacy Policy


What we collect

We collect a very minimal amount of data from our users. Because Yote is a location-based app, we take a GPS point for your location only for a moment when you open the app. We don’t track your location when you are not using the app.

In order for other users to identify you when they find you, we also ask for your portrait photo and name. You can also choose to select an Interaction Criteria and Bio, which help other users better understand your intentions.

What we do with it

We use your GPS coordinate to present location-specific information to you—whether it is other broadcasts or map elements.

Your profile and broadcast information is just seen by the other users around you. Your broadcast is viewable for 2km from where you’ve opened the app.

How you can control it

If at any time you want your data removed from our database, please just send us an email (to:

In Settings, if you choose “Remove Broadcast,” your GPS data is removed from the database and your Broadcast will no longer be visible.