What is a Selector?

Your Selector is another layer to your broadcast. It acts as a hashtag to your personality. Maybe a favorite band, or author, or piece of art. It can be anything, really. It can also be used to link to your other social networks (e.g. "@yote on IG").


What do I broadcast?

Think of this like a coyote's howl at the moon. You are reaching out the the people nearby. Starting a conversation. Seeing who's awake. Seeing who wants to ramble.


What if I don't see any Packs?

Packs only show up on the Map when there is enough user density (i.e. when there are 10 or more people hanging out at a venue). The Packs are only visible for an hour after they've been created, so you will see different parts of the map lit-up at different times of the day and night. 

Feel free to leave your special Hello Tag on the map to start a conversation.


Is Yote hiring?

We are always looking for partners. Drop us a line: