Ambassador Role

Are you excited about social technology? Do you want to be a part of one of the fastest growing tech companies in the Midwest? If so, perhaps you’d like to be a Yote Ambassador. Our Ambassador role provides you with a good amount of responsibility and a lot of potential. Also, we’ll send you some sweet Yote gear.


Grow Yote Where You Are

As we continue to roll out Yote in new cities, we need your help to get the gears rolling. If you are an outgoing person, this should be right up your alley. After you show Yote to your friends and co-workers, you’ll likely want to get the rest of your community on board, as well. Your school, your workplace, your favorite bars and cafes. You’ll be telling everyone about the app and will provide insight into how people are using it.

Spread Yote on Social Media

If you are well-connected to your community already, you’ll be able to share Yote with your friends and followers online. Create and post content to show off the app’s features, rock the Yote fashion, and build up the the Yote account through linking.



Organize Yote Events

Are you a member of a organized group? Or do you have the skills to organize and promote events where Yote is the main attraction? Let Yote sponsor your next party. Require the attendees to download the app and we’ll buy the pizza and soda. Get creative. Yote picnics in Central Park, at the library during finals, during tailgating at the next football game. Wherever people meet.

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